To me an educational Institute is not just about buildings and capital assets it possesses but it is a place for building character and illuminating a man to a righteous thought and action, which a man cherishes for a lifetime. Education drives away ignorance, it empowers students and widen their mindset. It accelerates trust in oneself and enables a man to earn his living with dignity.

At CIT, we practice a belief in learning through a series of experiences which help us to explore new heights. We aim to undertake extra mural studies, extension programs and outreach field activities to contribute to the development of the students and society as a whole. We focus on experiential learning, focus on level activities for behavioral changes and sports for enhancing students capacity and competence.

With a student strength of 1000 plus of six departments of both Diploma and Degree, the institute is heading towards fulfilling the expectations of each student and responding to their academic needs pertaining to today's work place. We are committed to meeting the needs of our students for innovative and personalized service. CIT is continuously developing the links with the Govt. and private sector that will allow our degree holders to be absorbed in today's market place. In relation to the students' future career, their placement has been taken care of, for which regular seminar cum training programmes, discussions, expert talks etc have been conducted and also a placement consultancy has been tied up. We are committed towards the student's development and bright future. The response to our Diploma and Degree programmes with ever increasing enrollments over the last six years has helped us to administer ourselves continuously better so that we strive to meet the objective for which the Institute was deemed for.

Academic ambiance and the competence of faculty form a supportive part of our constant endeavor to improve the academic environment of the institute.


Ms. Chaitali Brahma

Registrar, CIT