Welcome to CIT Kokrajhar!

Education leads men to fulfilment of their being and developing inquisitive mind for newness to life. Thus providing facilities to educate people enable them to earn living with dignity and its success is a great social achievement; CIT is such an institute where people join hands together to create an amicable academic ambience.

With the precious contributions lend from time to time by people from various walks of life, teachers, staff members and students CIT is steadily progressing to create an academic environment for both the trainers and trainees to cultivate knowledge with a mutual respect and betterment of society. It aspires to cultivate varied levels of higher education.

We welcome you all well-wishers and request your valued contributions on the ways and means to enrich CIT as an ideal academic institution all we dream about.


Prof. Debkumar Chakrabarti

Officiating Director CIT Kokrajhar
Concurrently Professor at IIT Guwahati