About Mathematics 

Mathematics is an indispensable subject in the study of science and technology. The importance of mathematics in engineering is known to everybody. Without having a sound knowledge of mathematics it is not possible to become a good engineer. The Department of Mathematics strives to instill a conceptual understanding of the subject which would go a long way in the study of their respective branches of engineering.


In Diploma Module, the department offers compulsory courses for all the six branches of engineering in first, second and third semesters. In the Degree programme the department at present offers compulsory courses for all the six branches of engineering in each of the first four semesters. Additionally, the department tackles the Discrete Mathematics course in the third semester in the branch of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology.

Future Plan

The Department plans to have a Computing Laboratory for having practical classes in Numerical Methods and Computer Programming (MA401) course and to encourage staff and students for taking challenging problem solving and computing problems through computer programming. It is also an aim of the department to have a departmental library for ease of consulting books and a quick ready reference. The department plans to organize workshops and seminars aimed at the application of Mathematics in Engineering and Technology. It also endeavours to hold exhibitions, Quiz competitions, puzzle competitions, Mathematics Olympiad, etc.