About Humanities and Social Science

The Humanities and Social Sciences is multi-disciplinary, and currently it consists of three disciplines, namely, English (Communication Skills), Economics, and Sociology. These courses aim at cultivating critical mind and analytical capabilities.

Present day world looks for skilled people not only in their respective areas but very importantly certain basic skills to be a complete package in professional area. To fulfill these needs of the competitive job market, efficiency in English communication in both written and spoken is much demanded everywhere. Hence this discipline aims at the development of effective communication skills both in written and spoken forms. These include practices on leadership skills, team management, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, preparing reports etc.

The study of economics and management aims at improving students’ managerial skills and making them to work towards the goal of technical application with greater productivity and lesser cost. The studies of economics also provides students with extensive technical knowledge of management and the ability to co-ordinate programme , plan ,supervise and control a wide range of industries from an administrative point of view. Since the organizational activities includes planning ,budgeting ,managing etc. ,therefore ,to  effectively and efficiently handle these activities of an organization , CIT has introduced economics as one of the subjects in the Diploma and Degree programmes.

In the past few years, mass media have focused on several machines and notorious cases. These cases have gained the attention of general public and lead to the awareness of the importance of the notion of society and ethics within engineering profession .This made the engineers to realize how their technical work has impact on the society. Thus the responsibility of engineers can directly affect public health and safety. Moreover, their work can influence business, politics and even spare of society. So, it is essential that the engineering students need to have an idea about the society so that they will be prepared to respond appropriately to the challenges from the society.